Ner Tamid Society

Generous supporters who choose to dedicate part of their estate to Gesher will continue to light the way for Gesher’s programs and services to help the disability community well into the future. Ner tamid or eternal flame, was the driving force of Gesher’s Ner Tamid Society.

YOU have the power to enhance the lives of countless children and adults facing disability challenges.

Ner Tamid Society Members

Thank you to current Ner Tamid Society members for leaving their mark with Gesher:

Sandy* and Mark Bregman
Natalie and Si Eisenberg
Gaye* and Richard Jolosky
Sandra and Edward Katz
Wendy Horwitch
Amy and Brian Hummell
Irene Metz
Helen Pezdirtz*
Rachel Shapiro
Daniel J. and Evelyn G. Simon
Dr. Wendy Sternberg*
Wayne Stutzer*
Laura Ziff
Sam and Carol Zimtbaum*

To discuss becoming part of Gesher’s Ner Tamid Society, please contact executive director, Amy Hummell, by phone 480-629-5343 or by e-mail at

*of blessed memory

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