Gesher staff hold master level degrees in special education and early childhood development providing us a unique partnership with Jewish Day Schools and Pre-Schools. We help with training the teachers on disability topics and different learners as well as providing general accommodation ideas for how students can best learn together. Our student support specialist works as the resource teacher in the schools, and in 2017, tutoring services were made available for those requesting additional help outside of the school hours.

For children who aren’t meeting their milestones or the teachers or parents have questions, our staff will conduct an independent observation with parent permission and a small fee of $75 resulting in a written report with suggestions for learning better and decreasing challenging behaviors. The written report can also be shared with a clinical expert if the family chooses to look further for answers about their child. Gesher does not diagnose, but is happy to work with those who do.

Summer Camp is a time to have fun, so we work with the camps throughout the Valley to help set up a strong program thinking of how all campers can be included. The includes reviewing forms and being available for observations if needed. We also train the counselors and camp senior staff upon request.  Camp inclusion resources are funded in part by a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix.

For training, observation information, or any other questions please contact