Honey For The Holidays


                                  WEBSITE IS SUPPOSED TO OPEN JUNE 12, 2019

Wishing friends and family L’Shana Tova is great, but sending an 8 oz. gift jar of certified Kosher clover honey is even better! Gesher Disability Resources can help you accomplish both. Each May, we have access to the website where it stores previous years’ orders. New honey buyers are welcome to use it too. Along with being a great gift, each jar of honey sold includes a tax deductible portion in the price that is a donation to Gesher. Traditionally, 1,350 jars are sold and $7000 is raised!

Please contact us for more information by calling the office at
(480) 629-5343 or e-mail info@gesherdr.org.

The website is closed for ordering until next year. 
Visit: https://orthoney.com/CJS
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Note: this fundraiser is in partnership with ORT Atlanta.