Honey For The Holidays

Honey For The Holidays is now Sweeter Together! For 2023, we are excited to make a significant change to the program by uniting agency fundraising and your help is requested. TEN families have been in contact with Gesher because their adult children who have intellectual or developmental disabilities are ready to take the next step toward independent living with support provided by the Gesher Residential Program. 

FREE shipping is available through August 1, 2023!

Wishing friends and family L’Shana Tova is great, but sending an 8 oz. gift jar of certified Kosher clover honey is even better! Gesher Disability Resources can help you accomplish both. Along with being a great gift, each jar of honey sold includes a tax deductible portion that is a donation to Gesher.  This means your dollars have a greater impact.

Please contact us for more information by calling the office at
(480) 629-5343 or e-mail amy@gesherdr.org.

To order, please visit: https://orthoney.com/CJS. FREE shipping is available through August 1, 2023! Ordering begins June 2023.

Note: this fundraiser is in partnership with ORT Atlanta.