Annual Fundraiser

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Thank you to our wonderful sponsors and donors for the raffle and live auction!

Congratulations to all of the night’s winners!

Kahoot! – Gesher Trivia Questions & Answers
1. How many B’nai Mitzvah students were in the Class of 2020?

2. This was the agency’s second B’nai Mitzvah. When was the first one?

3. What is the name of the monthly shabbat service Gesher hosts for the community?
Simchat Shabbat

4. Who started Simchat Shabbat with Gesher, and it what year?
Congregation Beth Israel in 2007

5. True or False: Simchat Shabbat is a “no shush” service.

6. How many board presidents have served the agency?

7. True or False: The agency, when it was known as The Council for Jews With Special Needs, published an international Jewish Disabilities Resource Guide that was offered for a donation to families and groups around the country.

8. What year was the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signed into law?

9. Where was the FIRST fundraising gala held?
Raw Hide

10. Who was honored at the agency’s 25th Anniversary?
Co-founders Becca Hornstein and Joyce Berk-Lippincott

11. What does the word “Gesher” mean in Hebrew?

12. True or False: Gesher impacts over 3000 people in the community each year.

13. What are the four Focus Areas of the agency?
Education, Religious, Residential and Social

14. What are the names of the two Gesher houses?
Shalom and Keshet

15. True or False: Gesher provides continuing education credits with their education trainings.