Community Model Passover Seder


March 29, 2020

Seder to be led by Cantor Seth Ettinger
Songs and volunteers from Shevet Shemesh Scouts and Pardes students
Noon – 2:30 p.m. at Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus

Culturally traditional events can be challenging to individuals with special needs. Our goal for bringing this model Seder to the community is for our participants to review the progression of the Seder service and meal, but at their pace. The story of Passover is shared, but with a special Haggadah prayer book produced by Gateways. A kosher meal is served so everyone can dine together, but with the event taking place prior to Passover, the meal is not kosher for Passover. For some of our participants, this will be the only Seder they attend, for others they will be ready to do it all over again with friends and family.

Thank you to Penni Golub and the Women’s Leadership Institute for taking on this project in Cohort 1.


Winner of the 2018 Belle Latchman Community Service Award!


March 29, 2020