Summer Camp Inclusion


 Each year in spring, the agency reaches out to parents of children with special needs who are interested in attending a “regular” summer camp. The agency’s Camp Inclusion Consultant meets with the parents to determine what supports and resources the child will need to be successful. The Camp Inclusion Consultant also meets with camp directors to discuss campers with special needs who have registered, trains camp counselors regarding modifications and accommodations, and provide oversight of campers and counselors during the summer. The agency offers Disability Awareness Workshops both to the camp staff and, during the summer, to the typical campers in order to dispel myths and nurture friendships.

There is a fee for the initial meeting with parents to discuss the child’s needs. The inclusion consultant will prepare suggestions for the camp staff, determine if the parents need to provide a one-on-one shadow for the child, and meet with the camp director and parents to share this information. If a camper requires an observation once enrolled in the program, the parents pay a fee for the observation and meeting with staff. An hourly fee is charged for follow-along inclusion services while the child is enrolled in the camp. Financial assistance for these fees may be available. For information, contact Amy Hummell.

General camp inclusion resources are funded in part by the Morris Asher Memorial Camp Fund and by a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix.