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At the Flader Wealth Consulting Group, we understand the challenges that high-net-worth clients can face when searching for a financial advisor. You have unique problems and opportunities, and need a level of care and expertise that can be hard to find in a one-size-fits-all world. We can help.

A national and state award-winning team with a pristine reputation, we serve our clients by dedicating ourselves to three core values.

  • Service – We are passionate about serving our clients. Your goals are our goals, and we will proactively work with you to avoid hurdles in your path and take advantage of spur of-the-moment opportunities. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a concierge-level of service. If you have a question about any financial matter, even those unrelated to your investments, we will have an answer for you or tap our vast network of resources to find one.
  • Expertise – Being at the top of our game and staying current with industry changes is of utmost importance to us. Our clients deserve the very best advice, which is why we are committed to constant education, maintain a variety of licenses, certifications and designations and stay on top of industry trends.
  • Stewardship – Responsible stewardship of client assets is the bedrock upon which an advisory relationship is formed. Our pledge to act responsibly, ethically and morally in all of our dealings is unwavering. We strive to be open and transparent with our clients and are very happy to discuss all recommendations in detail and answer any questions you might have.

Our hard-earned reputation in the Phoenix community and nationally, commitment to serving clients, and dedication to responsible stewardship may make us the right fit for you.  Please contact us today to discuss how we may be of service to you or view a full list of services. 

When Gesher Disability Resources (formerly Council For Jews With Special Needs) started receiving gifts back in the early 1990s from donor funds and then from fundraisers for the residential program, the money needed to go in accounts with oversight that kept the mission in mind. Allan Flader filled that role and to the best of his ability (within any legal guidelines) has kept the agency financially sound ever since.

Something people may find interesting is that Flader Wealth Consulting Group is a family business, and when things get busy, Allan, Brian, and Michael’s mom will step in to help research a charge or make a thank you call to a client. 

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