Gesher Get Together (hybrid)

Gesher Disability Resources is thrilled to partner with the Martin Pear JCC to bring a new social group for adults with disabilities to our community.

Join us online or in-person for one of our fun activities like service project, holiday craft or Karaoke. Registration is required and space is limited (25 participants in-person).

Thank you to the Scottsdale Charros Foundation for sponsoring the pilot period our Get Togethers! We are excited to share that the program will continue in the Fall.

These events are a hit and have become a great opportunity for our members to get together with their friends to learn new things, try new activities and make fun memories. With New Year’s Eve Karaoke, learning and practicing sign language, festive fall arts and crafts, learning about the lifecycle of butterflies–and more!–each Get Together was something to look forward to and ensured everyone had a great time!

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