Jewish Summer Camp Inclusion

Summer Camp Inclusion Consultation Services
Some campers struggle with behavior, communication, social or other issues that may impact their participation in summer camp. At Gesher Disability Resources (formerly Council For Jews With Special Needs), we work to help enhance your child’s summer experience. Our Summer Camp Inclusion Consultants provide observation services and recommendations for strategies to help your child succeed in camp. They also provide support to enable all children to have a positive and successful camp experience. 

Who benefits from the Inclusion Consultation?

  • A child who has an IEP or 504 in school and receives modifications in classroom settings
  • A child who has a diagnosis and is seen by a professional outside of school for medication or other interventions
  • A child who is having difficulties at camp

Who is the Inclusion Consultant?
A paid staff member of Gesher Disability Resources who is certified in special education and has many years of experience facilitating inclusion in Jewish preschools, day schools, Religious schools, and camps. 

How do you request an observation by the Inclusion Consultant?
The camp director or the parent/guardian may request an observation. Parents/guardians must complete and sign a Permission to Observe Form and Financial Commitment Form before an observation can occur. The fee is $75, which covers several observations over a period of time; financial assistance may be available upon request to Gesher Disability Resources (480-629-5343).

Who sees the final recommendations?
The camp director, the parents, and if appropriate, the child’s camp counselor. Every effort is made to protect your child’s confidentiality.

What camp options are available for my child to attend?
Autism Center – summer camps list
Camp Rimon
Camp Shemesh
Camp Stein

Disclaimer – This is a resource list of camps, however, Gesher Disability Resources does not endorse or recommend any specific camp.

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