Educational Tutoring & Consultation Services

Educational Tutoring & Consultation Services – All Year!!!

Some children struggle with academics and learning; we want to help. At Gesher Disability Resources (formerly Council For Jews With Special Needs), our professional staff provide academic supports and recommendations for strategies to help your child succeed in school.

Who benefits from the educational tutoring and consultation?

  • A child who has an IEP, ISP or 504 in school
  • A child who has academic challenges and needs extra support
  • A child who needs to work on homework assignments or wants to get ahead in reading or math

Who is the educational tutor and consultant?

A professional staff member of Gesher Disability Resources who holds a Masters level degree and a current state of Arizona special education teaching certificate. She has experience teaching, developing, and setting goals for education plans in Jewish preschools, day schools, religious schools, and camps.

What does the educational tutor and consultant provide?

  • Consultation meeting with parents to determine child’s area(s) of need
  • Plan development to include learning strategies and problem solving
  • One-to-one sessions with the student
  • Plan review as needed
  • Support materials and recommendations of skill review at home
  • Regular progress reports to parents, and school directors as appropriate

How much does this personalized education cost?

The fee is $30 per hour, per student

Where does the tutoring take place and time?

Tutoring sessions will be held at the VOSJCC in Scottsdale or an agreed upon location. At this time, we are available in the afternoons Monday thru Thursday (after regular school hours). We will also be available during the summer.

Questions and to sign up, contact:  or call (480) 629-5343