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February 11, 9am-10am 

Failure Is Not An Option
Steph Hammerman’s mission is not only to inspire others, but to compel them to action. Drawing from her experience, adapting for everyday tasks and challenges that are commonly taken for granted, Steph discusses the importance of living life to the fullest despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. With charm and a robust confidence, Steph shares her story and invites listeners to discover, fulfill, and if needed, adapt to a life of purpose. This presentation is being sponsored by Gesher Disability Resources in support of Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month.

About Steph “The Hammer” Hammerman
Steph Hammerman, 27, lives with cerebral palsy and found her passion for cross fit in 2012. When Steph began her fitness journey she had been a competitive hand cyclist for a year and a half and her goals were simple; use cross fit to become a stronger cyclist. Little did she know that her goals would soon become much bigger and her purpose much greater.

In 2013, Steph became the world’s first female cross fit trainer with cerebral palsy, and now holds a Level 2 certification. As a trailblazer for the adaptive community Steph believes anything can be accomplished through hard work and dedication. She has had the opportunity to help establish large community events such as the Adaptive Division for The WODAPALOOZA Fitness Festival and the WheelWOD Adaptive Open.

As of May 2016 Steph has added a new aspect to her life’s perspective; a Cancer Fighter/ Survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As a WheelWOD coach she looks forward to helping athletes achieve goals they never once thought possible. She will use the knowledge she has gained throughout her journey to motivate new athletes to dream bigger and live with sincere purpose.

Steph “The Hammer” Hammerman
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